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Reseller Partnership

JOIN reseller Partners PROGRAM

Earn 33% – 66% Commisions
From Every Sale You Make!

You get paid again every time the client’s subscription is renewed (monthly or annually)

Our Services Pricing Plans 33%  Reseller Commission 33%  Marketer Commission 33%  Developer Commission
Professional / $299 monthly $99  monthly $99  monthly $99  monthly
Corporate / $599 monthly $199  monthly $199  monthly $199  monthly
Enterprice / $999 monthly $329  monthly $329  monthly $329  monthly

Become a reseller partner

Reseller partner can choose a domain name for the reseller website.

Yearly based membership license fee for the reseller website. 


We offer a 14-day money back guarantee on MEMBERSHIP license’s FEE.

If you are not happy with your membership website design, we will refund your purchase. No questions asked!

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Do you want to join our reseller partnership program for monthly recurring revenue income?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reseller partnership program?

The reseller partnership program is a simple, straightforward way to get rewarded for promoting our web development & internet marketing services.

Reseller partners will have an option to choose a domain name that includes a reseller licenced website to displays our internet marketing services offers.

Who can join the reseller partnership program?

Anyone can join our reseller partnership program. Our dedicated team administers all of our internet marketing services.

We aspire to provide the support and flexibility you need to serve your customers better, build loyalty and create new revenue opportunities.

What are the responsibilities of a reseller partner?
This reseller partner program is designed to get you finder’s fees without website design, search engine optimization, or social media marketing-associated work engagements.

Our dedicated team will administer all of your provided Leads for complete web development and marketing services. You will be sent money for every closed deal, no questions asked!

What is the yearly based license fee for reseller website?

Reseller licensed website allows the partners to have their domain namelogo designphone numbercontact address & map on their website that displays all of our internet marketing services.

Reseller website licensed get renewed yearly or after three years.

Reseller partners can cancel their membership at any time with one email for the cancellation request.

Difference between 33% & 66% commission?

33% reseller commission is designed to get you finder’s fees without working on website development, SEO or social media marketing-associated engagements.

An additional 33% marketer commission is designed to work on social media ongoing marketing, including monthly blogging, article posts & email scheduling.

what are the responsibilities of a social media marketer?

Social media marketer creates business pages, content, including text posts, videos, and images for use on social media and promoting products, services over social media regularly for the client’s business branding campaigns and strategy. 

When does the reseller partner receive the commission payment?

Reseller partners get paid again whenever each client’s subscription is renewed (monthly or annually).

The reseller partners will receive their commission payment after two weeks when the client payment is received.

Do the reseller partner get support?

We aspire to provide the support and flexibility you need to serve your customers better, build loyalty and create new revenue opportunities.